Relax, Renew, Restore.  Experience the wonder of touch.  Let our massage therapist customize a treatment that will heal your body and mind through relaxation.  Find relief from chronic pain and stress while we meet your wellness needs.  Calming your mind is the key to healing your body.

Customized Massages

30 min $40+
Site-specific massage. Great for that one area that needs more attention.
60 min $75+
Let this full body relaxation experience melt away your body’s tension while increasing circulation and stress relief.
90 min $100+
Give your mind and body a deeper sense of relaxation with this 90-minute full body treatment.
Stone Massage
60 min $85+
90 min $110+
Ultimate relaxation is found in this treatment. Warm, smooth basalt stones are used in combination with massage techniques to balance, soothe and loosen your body. Enjoy!
Pre-Natal Massage
30 min $50+
60 min $85+
90 min $105+
Perfect for the mom-to-be! A customized massage geared to your physical needs. Gentle, soothing touch geared to reduce discomfort from back pain, sciatica, insomnia and fatigue. *Approval from your doctor is suggested*